A Total Fitness Concept since 1981

American College of Sports Medicine - Certified Exercise Physiologist

Exercise ETC Inc. – Senior Fitness Specialist, Brains & Balance Specialist

University of California, Los Angeles - Certification in Fitness Instruction

Ball State University - Bachelor of Science

37 Years of Expertise

Guaranteed Results

One of Hollywood's Most Professionally Experienced Personal Fitness Trainers

Bodi Roc specializes in both Men and Women, Adolescents, Strength and Flexibility Training,

Cardiovascular Conditioning, Nutrition, Prenatal and Postnatal Fitness, Aging Population.

"Today, I am a fully functioning person who no longer sees herself anywhere near a wheel chair due to the guidance, support, and knowledge that Shelly has given me."
"Her knowledge of anatomy is too extensive; her wide range of exercise experience is too comprehensive; and her general standards are far too high."
"You have a rare combination of enthusiasm, sense of reality, compassion, and commitment to excellence."