"I believe in a moderate, but complete workout because I know that fitness is a lifelong endeavor.  Many people come to me wanting that perfect body. Just as my body is a product of a lifetime of work, people who are interested in changing how their body looks must put many months or even years into making that transformation happen."


She began Bodi Roc in 1981, a time when personal fitness training became a very popular way for people to get into shape.  Everyone from top celebrities to common people were hiring his or her own personal fitness trainer.  What qualified a person to become a trainer? In Hollywood, anyone who had a great body and professed to know what exercises to do was a personal fitness trainer, no certifications or education needed.

"O.K., five more!  Press that back into the ground.  Think about those abdominals doing the work.  Remember, the mind tells the body what to do.  Two!  One!  Great!  Rest for 1 minute and we'll take a second set."

Shelly Shubert, founder and owner of Bodi Roc, A TOTAL FITNESS CONCEPT, is one of Hollywood's most professionally experienced personal fitness trainers. With 37 years of health fitness work, she believes that encouragement and education along with consistent client effort will help most people change their lifestyle to a healthier one getting into great physical and mental shape.

A veteran, incorporating fitness into her own lifestyle, Shelly strength trains and cardiovascularly works out 3-6 times a week with slight variations to the program according to her body's needs.

Shelly, however, wanted to approach the scene differently. Having had 15 years of experience in both competitive swimming and dancing – tap, jazz, contemporary, and ballet – she had a concept of what the body looked like muscularly and how it functioned from a physiological viewpoint, but realized that she needed more education.  She began classes at UCLA in fitness instruction.  After completion of a two-year accredited program, she earned a certificate in fitness instruction.  Wanting further accreditation, Shelly completed an intensive week-long program with an extensive two-day testing session by the American College of Sports Medicine, ACSM, to be certified as a health fitness specialist. (ACSM is one of the most highly recognized certification organizations.) Through the years and after many hours of CEC’s taken, her certification title is now Certified Exercise Physiologist.

Training philosophies vary greatly among personal fitness trainers.  Many trainers say the client wants to be trained without the requirement of knowing what muscles are working. These trainers provide motivation with correction of posture, but no specifics regarding muscles.  Shelly wants her client to know what, how, and why each muscle works in a given exercise. 


"If  I can teach my client about the muscles of the body and how and why they work, my client will be able to continue his/her fitness routine long after we are not working together, and live a very full, healthy life.  Hopefully this education will act as a catalyst and inspire the client to further his studies and progress with his own fitness program in time."

When Shelly begins with a new client she takes a health-history survey, body fat composition, reviews doctor notes, and monitors dietary intake, all to determine the client's potential health problems. In addition, she ascertains the client’s goals and fitness expectations.  With this information, she puts together a well-balanced fitness program. If a person has specific anatomical problems, she, through careful consideration and years of experience, designs a specialized program taking it step by step to help the individual get on the road to recovery with those problems and then get into the main stream of fitness.

Shelly has been involved with many community fund-raising events.  She was a guest speaker in Woodland Hills, at a Saks Fifth Avenue fashion show, "Salute to the Working Woman!"  She rode in a Wolfgang Puck Celebrity Bike Race/United States Criterium in Newport Beach, California.  (Shelly placed 5th in a field of 30 bikers.)  Additionally, she has been a contributing fitness writer for the Los Angeles based health and beauty magazine, IMAGE. Shelly is a member and usher for St Stephens Lutheran Church in Granada Hills and has given several guest lectures and group fitness sessions on current health and fitness topics as well.


Shelly is the proud mother of four young adults who have brought her much joy and happiness and who are now in their 20s- Taylor, Dylan, Madison, and McKenzie. Her husband, Thomas Shubert and her family have been a great support system for her. Shelly’s plans for the future include the possibility of building a Bodi Roc fitness facility in the Calabasas area, and getting back into commercial acting now that her children are grown and starting their own journey in life!

The Bodi Roc Fitness Program has five main areas of concentration – strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular training, with additional emphasis in nutritional and mental attitude training. Throughout her years of training, Shelly has worked with a client as little as once a week and as much as three times a week depending

on his/her budget and fitness needs.

"I find that the person who works out with me once a week is often the most dedicated because he/she knows that one must do other workouts to progress at our next session."