Shelly's clientele say this about her:


Victoria Murciano, Operations Manager Dabmar Lighting;  "With a Harrington Rod implanted in my thoracic/lumbar spine due to scoliosis at 14 years old, I got to a point in my life that I could not function without heavy medication, nerve blocks or tears. A friend of mine saw my pain and suffering and suggested that I call Shelly Shubert. Little did my friend know that she sent me a winning lottery ticket. Shelly, through her knowledge base, has taught me how to strengthen my problem areas working both supporting muscles and around my problems, as well as, strengthen my actual back muscles. Today, I am a fully functioning person who no longer sees herself anywhere near a wheel chair due to the guidance, support, and knowledge that Shelly has given me."

Carrie Kasper, Fred Sands Estates;  "I have been subjected to several different types of workout regimes, and not until I started working out under your instruction did I actually feel a difference and see a change in my body. Shelly, you have taught me to set goals and accomplish them. Skill and confidence is what I have gained from you and your teachings."


Film producer and director, Rick Padilla;  "First and foremost, through the guidance of Bodi Roc, physical fitness has become an integral part of my lifestyle.  I have the utmost respect and confidence in this program and Shelly Shubert!"


Dr. Lila Gruzen says "the first day of our meeting, you greeted me with hope and enthusiasm, and I reciprocated with hopelessness and haunting failure from the past. You have a rare combination of enthusiasm, sense of reality, compassion, and commitment to excellence.   As you let go of my hand at just the right time, I began to change the unchangeable, correct the uncorrectable, and believe the unbelievable: A moderate diet and regular exercise plan."

Beth Lee, V.P. Finance: “If it had not been for Shelly’s stretching and strengthening techniques, I would not be able to walk without terrible pain or be able to do my daily activities. Shelly’s vast knowledge of how the human body works is essential.”


Susi Weissman, Guidance Counselor; "Shelly Shubert has impressed me with her extensive knowledge of the human body, particularly of the muscular and skeletal systems as well as kinesiology. She not only understands how to rehabilitate the body, but how to do so gently and effectively


Helen A. Lederer M.D.; "Shelly introduced me to a completely new understanding of my health and body. I had always viewed exercise as an activity that was fit into allotted time slots. Shelly taught me that knowledge of my body and the way that it worked needed to be integrated into my everyday life. Her enthusiasm, positive attitude and attention to detail, was contagious. Slowly my appreciation of what Shelly was teaching me began to influence my daily activities as well as the advice I gave."

Mrs. Ronda Ginsberg - among a group of nationally ranked tennis players, business woman, home engineer, and student of psychology says, "The fact of boredom with most exercise programs is prevalent.  Shelly has a good concrete program that she keeps interesting with variety.  She will give me many different ways to work the same body part.  With the exercises I like best, I can hone in on them and really go for a great workout!"

Los Angeles actor, Oliver Muirhead, "Shelly Shubert is a menace to the world of the unfit.  Her boundless enthusiasm is a major barrier to remaining a sedentary lump of useless lard or couch potato.  Something should be done about her ability to be so cheerful so early in the day.  Her knowledge of anatomy is too extensive; her wide range of exercise experience is too comprehensive; and her general standards are far too high."


ACSM Program Director, Jonathan Myers Ph.D., had this to say:


"I can see that you are a professional in your field.  Your cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility testing skills were perfect.  The personal fitness training arena needs more good people like yourself!  Congratulations!"